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You Work Hard For Your Money. Now Let It Work For You.

An innovative automated trading software, working for you around the clock.

Our Strategy Is Simple

We offer an Algorithm that can generate consistent and significant profits on your investments, with no need for any previous experience or knowledge. 
Our past results show an average monthly return of 7.94%.

All of our results are track record verified.

Win/Win principle

A strict policy of generating a success fee only on our clients’ profits means completely having our clients’ best interest in mind. We choose to work solely on a success fee, not taking any service or management fees.

This all comes about in a simple way. Your funds are held by a third party broker that secures your funds, ensuring that only you have access to deposit and withdraw from your account. This guarantees that it is our best interest to provide you with the highest profits possible, to allow us to receive our success fee as well.

Control Of Your Capital

View all transactions made in your account in real time, including full account statements. You can also access your account on the go from your computer or smartphone, wherever you are and at any given moment.

With complete liquidity, you can cash out at any time, and since Algotechs doesn’t hold your funds, only you have access and control of your capital.

No Human Intervention

Contrary to biological limited capabilities, our software doesn’t need to slow down, rest or take a break. There is no human intervention, all the activity in the account is based on statistical data, algorithmically programmed.

Since the software is void of human emotion, the software is able to work 24 hours a day five days a week, making it capable of detecting the best market situations and performing transactions accordingly.

Risk Reward Ratio

Every investment in the business world and in the financial world specifically, requires an examination of the risk to reward ratio, what the potential profits are and what the risk would be for the funds invested.

Our software is uniquely designed to make profits on both the rises and falls of the market. Throughout the years that the ATS has been generating income for our clients, the software has produced an average annual profit of 41% net on our clients investments.

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