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How to retire with 1 million Euros
True, this title might seem a bit overwhelming, but after reading a bit further you’ll clearly see how by combining a few simple facts, facts which have been scientifically proven, any individual, and we truly mean anyone, even with absolutely no background or previous knowledge in investing, can earn significant profits and can retire with no less than one million Euros. 
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Algotechs wins the 2018 most innovative technology award.

We are honored to be accepting the award for the most innovative technology of 2018. The Renowned Magazine, ‘The European’, has named Algotechs the leading innovative technology of 2018. Both Algotechs and our amazing clients completely identify to this article, both for its accuracy and it’s kind words.

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Cryptocurrency Alert – 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Invest in Bitcoin
Bitcoin has surged in popularity – and price – since its inception, but it still does not represent legitimate value as a commodity, asset, or currency. Find out why this is the case, and why smart investors are passing on the cryptocurrency trend.
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Solid investment with the help of algorithmic trading
Many people these days are interested in entering the world of investments, looking for a better way to do business. The reason that many people hesitate is the perception that investing in financial markets is a type of gambling – you may win big, but you may also lose everything.
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How Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Affect the U.S. Dollar

The United States presidential election results are officially in and Donald Trump is slated to become the nation’s 45 president.
And while the upset has spurred an enormous amount of discussion and dissent in the nation’s populace, investors across the world are keeping their eyes fixed on the market to see just how Donald Trump’s victory will affect the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar.

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The development of algotrading
As much as we think that the major computerization is a result of our current affairs, the truth is that this process started long ago, and even a relatively new matter of conduct as the algorithmic trading has its roots going back to the early 70's.
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The process of creating a trading robot
The main advantage of the time we live in is it provides the technicians with tools and ability to create the electronic solutions to maximize the impact of one's efforts at trading. The advantages of algo trading is obvious, one may ask self how the process of creating a functioning system to deliver the most outstanding results actually works?
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Getting familiar with automated trading strategies

The fast growth of technology alongside with the vast opportunities provided by various trading markets has created a very tempting concept of being able to predict different shifts and changes of the markets and make a profit of it. This is the basic concept behind compiling automated trading strategies as part of the constant search for aiding tools and some certainty and guarantees in the chaotic world of trading.

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