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The Automated Trading System, also named the “Automated Trading Robot”, is a powerful system based on unique mathematical algorithms developed by professional financial experts, programmers and mathematicians in order to generate consistent profits in the financial markets using the speed of supercomputers.
The advantage of the system is the possibilities that are provided by its speed of calculation to identify opportunities for market transaction, either upward and/or downward trends, to use all possible trading hours of the day (even when you sleep), to decide what assets to buy, both in terms of time and quantity. There are no human emotions involved since emotions are always the weakness of most independent traders.
Algotechs has several Investment plans. Each one has unique benefits so you can choose a plan that best suits you click here
In general, we can say that the system is programmed to produce a gross profit of about 25% to 30% per year (e.g. 500 EUR per month for a portfolio with 20,000 EUR), before deducting the company’s success fee.

The proprietary computer program ‘ATS’ has been developed based on statistics and technical analysis. ‘ATS’ trades exclusively in the International foreign currency market and generates profits on the small fluctuations of a currency pair.

This foreign currency market is considered as the most developed, advanced market and with the most liquidity traded in the world on a daily basis (4 trillion dollars a day). In this well-developed market, the automated trading system executes transactions called “Long” (buy) and/or “Short” (sell) , benefiting from both ups and downs, thus taking advantage of all market fluctuations 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (except on Saturdays and Sundays) in order to generate as much profit as possible.
The system makes around 8-15 transactions a day, earning approximately 1 EUR per hour. An average payout of 24 EUR a day is not attractive; but considering 21 days of operation for our system, the approximate profit will be 500 EUR per month, without any effort at all.
In other words, an investment of 20,000 EUR can provide a monthly gross return of 2.5%.
The invested amount can be different. click here to check our investments plans

The accumulated gross profit will be transferred directly to your bank account after we charge our performance fees. Taxes are subject to the laws in your country of residence.
Unlike several investment companies worldwide, we do not charge any fees on your investment sum. We profit only if you profit! We do not charge any management fees on your investment sum.

Our WIN-WIN policy is to only charge you when profits are generated in your account by our system and we do it according to the HIGH WATER MARK (i.e. the company does not take any performance fee as long as the fund value does not exceed the highest NAV [Net Asset Value], which has already been achieved in the past)
There is a proverb saying that “Nothing is certain in life, except for death”. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, next month or next year; therefore nothing can be 100% guaranteed. 
**TAKE NOTE!!! Our ‘ATS’ trading system generates a profit for ALL market situations, independent of the market condition and trends. 

How much are the system’s profits higher than the alternatives offered by the banks?
Today, bank interest rates are among the lowest in history: approximately 0.1% gross per annum.
On a bank investment of 100,000 EUR, you will receive a net gain of 85 EUR per year. However, our clients – with the same amount invested in 2012 – earned an approximate net gain of 141,000 EUR till December 2016 (100,000 RUR your capital + 141,000 EUR net gain).
The difference is obvious.
Most of the companies operating in the field of automated trading offer “copycat deals” from other traders. This is not automated trading.
The activity in your account is automatic, but the actions are performed by humans and it has great disadvantages.
In fact, this is a conventional portfolio management in which the director manages your account.
Of course not.
It would be a mistake to think that every automated trading system/robot that has been developed and exists in the market earns money.
The word “robot” is not one that represents a sure success.
There are thousands of robots sold online for 99 USD. 
There is only one problem with them – they lose money!!!

A good robot is developed with unique trading methods which are often too complex for a human to be able to perform manually.
Manual trading over a long period of time should be adjusted to automated trading in order to make a profit.

A robot which has been designed by someone who was losing money manually will lose money even when the same orders are performed automatically.
Words like “robot”, “automated trading”, and “algo-trading” don’t ensure success.
The past performance (track record) should be verified by an external company and be transparent and open for all the customers who are interested in investing.

In addition its best to trade with a company that has several years of experience in the market, as opposed to one that was established just last year.

Of course.

We publish a trading account in real time on our homepage, where you can see all the statistical information and success rates for our system.

Click here to view the follow-up account.

This “track account” is connected to an international company in England that serves as a third party, performing independent research for our automated system.
This company doesn’t receive payment from us for doing that. Its profits come from publishing companies in the capital market on its website, and therefore is not biased in the information it presents.

Apart from the account that is updated in real-time, you will be able to see the yield that the system has gained in the chosen timeframe, a number of transactions it has made, its general transaction success rates, specifically divided into “Long” and “Short”, the division of profits by percentage and in US dollars by months, as well as a variety of other statistical information.

In this context, we recommend that you examine any company, not by words and strange Excel sheets.

A self-respecting company wishing to exhibit its performance will present the abilities of its automated system via an external company that serves as an independent third party.

Our system is connected to a virtual and powerful server (VPS) which is part of a huge server farm of companies specialising in the algo trading field. 
In case of a power failure, the computer will locate it and make sure that the system continues to function normally under any circumstance.
The virtual server is essential for the proper function of the automated trading system, as well as for the reasons mentioned above. The monthly cost is around dozens of dollars. Nevertheless, our company does not charge the client for this expense, it is part of our commitment to our clients’ success.
The company is working with three sets of servers located in London, New York, and Tokyo, in order to obtain very fast up-to-date data.

Not at all.
We are not a brokerage company that holds clients’ money.
We are a software company benefiting from the amazing abilities of our automated system to produce profits for our clients.
You will not transfer one single dollar to us.

You should open your own personal account in the international algo trading company “Bealgo” (explained later) and in the trading agreement with them you must confirm that you authorize us, Algotechs Company, to activate an automated system in your account that can only make trading actions in the account, without any access to the funds themselves.

Bealgo is an international company, providing software services, virtual servers and capital retention for big algo trading companies around the world, with a minimal monthly transaction volume which exceeds 2,000,000,000 USD (2 billion).

For us, it has been a dream come true in May 2014 to have “Bealgo” accept us with open arms. Via Bealgo, we, at Algotechs, benefit from a faster transaction performance, lower trading commissions, virtual servers ensuring no technological failures (as described in previous questions) and no less important – we create a buffer between the clients’ funds and us so we don’t have access to the client’s money (which is deposited in Bealgo company under the client name) apart from the ability to activate the automated trading system in their accounts.

Opening an account and depositing the money is divided into two:

  • Opening an account on our website by filling out several personal details (to transfer to the registration form click here).
  • After filling out the details in the registration form on our website as described in section 1 and by pressing the “registration” button, you will be transferred to complete the registration in Bealgo which will automatically identify you have come through us.

On Bealgo’s website, you will have to complete the required details for opening a personal account such as: confirming the “trading agreement” (with which you give us permission from Bealgo to perform actions in your account), passing a copy of your ID card, utility bill (to confirm your residential address) and for your convenience, depositing money to your trading account via credit card or bank transfer.

Preferably in EURO, but all currencies are acceptable.
We charge the client the fees that the bank charges us.
Your account is not charged for any fees, except our performance commission deducted once every three months and only if profits have been generated in your account.
Once you transfer the funds to the account and we receive the confirmation, your account will be activated within a few hours.

Of course.
You can view your trading account anytime from anywhere. (click here to see how)
Immediately after opening an account, Bealgo will forward your account information, as well as the software download, which will enable you to follow your account and all the transactions in real time.
If you experience any difficulty downloading and need technical assistance, our representatives will be happy to assist you further.

View your money in real-time, the date of the initial transfer, opened and closed trades, time and amounts of opening and closing positions, transaction size, the financial instrument in the transaction, a direction of the transactions: long or short, buy or sell.
We recommend you to watch the “back office” video that will help you to download the software and understand all the information that appears in your account. Click here to watch the video.

No funds are locked in, you are not committed to us for any amount of time. You can cash your money out on a daily basis.
Just fill in the withdrawal request on your user panel at BEALGO.COM and you will receive the money within 72 hours.

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