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Verification and proof of the ‘ATS’ automated system are illustrated by a track record report that was produced from the Metatrader 4 (MT4) software.

MT4 is international financial software which our ‘ATS’ is implanted on. In the track record, you will see one of our many client accounts (anonymous).

The track record report is constantly analysing the results of our automated trading system ‘ATS’ specifically pertaining to the following diagnostics.

  • The yield since opening of the account.
  • Total amount of finalised transactions.
  • Overall success rate.
  • Total long success rate ( profits made on market rise ).
  • Total short success rate ( profits made on market drop ).
  • Success rate on daily basis.
  • Success rate on hourly basis.

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All data has been calculated and achieved by the automated trading system AlgoTechs ATS from Metatrader server.