What is Algotrading?

Algotrading is short for Algorithmic trading, one of many names for automated trading systems. These systems are powerful software programs, based on a mathematical algorithm which are used to automate the process of trading.

The software performs transactions according to a set of specific predefined rules. Some automated trading systems work based on a more simple method, while others, such as the ATS software, operate according to a complex strategy with elaborate components all based on statistical data.

AlgoTechs’ ATS (Automated Trading Software) was developed in 2008 by professional software engineers, mathematicians and financial experts. The system performs by evaluation of real-time market conditions and other economic factors.

The entire trading process, beginning with acquiring the relevant information for a trade to analysing the data, and then executing a specific transaction – is all processed within a matter of a millisecond, all thanks to the extreme precision of the software.

AlgoTrading and Foreign Exchange

Algotechs’ ATS trades solely on the EUR/USD currency pair in the capital market. This means that all transactions are carried out on the small differences between the Euro and US Dollar. This specific currency pair has a daily turnover 15 times larger than the volume of all stock market transactions combined. In addition, this pair constitutes 40% of all currency exchanges being made in the capital market. The EUR/USD represents the two largest economies in the world, which makes it a more reliable, less fluctuating and consistent currency to trade.

Algotechs ATS Advantages

In addition to trading solely in the the leading currency exchange market, these are a few of the elements that make ATS so individual and unique:

Constantly working

Works 24/5, around the clock for you – same as the Capital Market.


It’s completely automatic – does not require any human intervention.

5-10 Daily Transactions

with an average profit of 1-1.5€ per hour. *On a 20,000€ account.

Risk & Rewards

Designed to make profits both on rises and falls of the market.

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