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Another one of their fascinating approaches is the compounding strategy. Not only does the clients investment generate profit for him/her, the profits generated are re-compounded, to generate profit for the client as well.

The European

Algotechs’ uniqueness sets us apart from other companies in this field.
For starters, Algotechs works with a third party brokerage company that holds our clients’ funds in a highly secured manner, in order to assure our clients’ have the utmost protection, transparency and liquidity when it comes to their funds.

Having a third party brokerage company that specialises in the algotrading world, holding your funds secured, guarantees that you have no conflict of interest with us, as the software company, with your fund liquidity. BeAlgo is in charge of holding your funds securely and efficiently.

Another advantage, is the complete transparency we strive to provide for our clients.
You have access to view both a complete history of trades, as well as a third party LIVE account.
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Below, you can also use our profit calculator to calculate how much profit you would have made, had you been invested with us throughout different time frames. The profit calculator is based on our full history.
In addition, in the chart below you can view a monthly breakdown of how much return was generated by the ATS (Automated Trading Software).

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Did you know... Had you invested in , you would have made , which is in profits.

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